Attention Busy Travelers Discover How To Carve a Killer Core & Crank Up Your Cardio! with the revolutionary travel fitness system that fries fat, crushes calories, and strategically targets the most metabolically active muscle groups in your body.

59 Travel Workouts In The Privacy Of Your Hotel Room

  • No expensive equipment needed!
  • No long, slow, boring cardio on the hamster wheel!
  • No crowded, cramped, and creepy hotel gyms!
  • No annoying stares or stupid questions from strangers!
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Just the sweatiest travel workouts of your life that will have you burning more calories per minute than any other training system on the market today!

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12 DVDs of Metabolism-boosting Hotel room workouts

The all-new 12-DVD HeartRate Hotel (HRH) Workout Series is based on the cutting-edge science of "metabolic resistance training." All 59 - yes, 59 - workouts are a strategic mix of high-intensity intervals to jack up your heart rate and resistance training exercises that muscle-up the most metabolically active areas of your body. This killer cardio-strength combination concocts a fat-melting recipe that will get you leaner and fitter FASTER than you ever thought possible.

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Burn as many calories as running without the extra impact on your joints!

Recent estimates from the University of Southern Maine shows that HRH-style workouts can crush as many calories as running a 6-minute-per-mile pace. Since our workouts use lower-impact bodyweight strength, cardio, and core exercises, you can shred your way to a six-pack while sparing your joints.

Transform a sluggish metabolism into voracious body fat-guzzler!

Transform a sluggish metabolism into a voracious body fat-guzzler! Unlike typical one-hour plus cardio workouts on the treadmill or elliptical, HRH workouts accelerate your metabolism for up to 48 hours post-exercise. This way your body torches a ton of calories both during and after your workouts to guarantee you travel lighter than ever before.

Achieve peak cardiovascular condition with the sweatiest workouts ever!

A recent study at the University of Hawaii found that HRH-style workouts elevate your heart rate 15 beats per minute higher when compared to running at 60 to 70% of your maximum heart rate. These workouts keep you moving NON-STOP and melting fat CONSTANTLY so you sweat more per second and burn more calories per minute than any other follow-along workout system on the planet.

Muscle-up the most metabolically active aesthetically pleasing areas of your body!

HRH workouts focus on the muscles of your shoulders and hips to increase daily calorie burning while at rest so you can lean out at lightning speed. A more sculpted set of shoulders combined with a more shapely butt creates a V-Taper that makes your waist look smaller from every angle. That’s right, no more sucking it in! This "illusion of leanness" has been used by physique athletes and cover models for decades and is the key to achieving the beach body of your dreams without needing to take dangerous weight loss pills or go on starvation diets. In addition, our system sculpts your abs like never before without any need for tedious, and sometimes painful, crunches or sit-ups.

As if that wasn't enough...

For the real-deal fitness junkies in the mix, we've brought on Dave "The Band Man" Schmitz to show you his favorite resistance band training travel workouts along with a bunch of fat-burning hotel yoga interval workouts with Jaimi Patterson for a total fitness experience.


Resistance Band Training


Yoga Flow

BJ Gaddour Creator of The HeartRate Hotel Travel Fitness DVD System

Yo, BJ Gaddour here. I travel a ton on business as a consultant to some of the top fitness brands in the world, including Men's Health, Women's Health, and New Balance, and as a speaker spreading the sweet science of metabolic training, so I know what it's like to be a busy little fat-burning bee.

That being said, I absolutely never miss a workout when I'm on the road- NEVER! NO EXCUSES! As a result I've compiled a sweaty slew of equipment-free metabolic bootcamp workouts you can crank out like clockwork using calorie-torching training tools readily found in any hotel room:

  • Let's blast fat on a bed
  • Get a six-pack with a suitcase
  • Whittle your waistline with a wall
  • Get funky on the floor
  • Trim down and tone up with a towel
  • Pump it up with pillows

Bottom line- Whether you're a busy professional looking to get your fat-smash on the next time you to check-in to a hotel, or you have a passion for travel but need help staying tight and toned when enjoying the wonders of the world, YOU Need to get HeartRate Hotel... RIGHT NOW!


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